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Apr 16 ? May 20 1:30pm ? 8:30pm (Mon - Fri)
1:30pm ? 5:30pm (Sa - Sun)
Early Registration
(for returning students)
May 21 ? May 24 6:00pm ? 8:30pm New Student Orientation/Registration
June 03 ? June 05 6:00pm ? 8:30pm New Student Orientation/Registration
June 04 ? June 09 1:30pm ? 8:30pm Walk-in Registration
Aug 13 ? Aug 18 1:30pm ? 8:30pm Walk-in Registration
  6:00pm ? 8:30pm New Student Orientation/Registration

MTGK Institute has been a mathematics program in the Plano area since 1999. We have influenced thousands of students at various levels from elementary to high school. MTGK Institute emphasizes the skills of conceptual thinking in students' learning experiences. In our classrooms, instructors often ask probing questions to help students comprehensively grasp important concepts. In the MTGK program, we not only require students to understand logical connections between information, but also motivate them to investigate conceptual relationships for the benefit of their intellectual creativity.

Our specialists teach conceptual math classes during after school hours and weekends. We train students to acquire the skills of conceptual thinking. Our program helps students' scholastic performance not only in their current schools but also in future colleges. Participation in the MTGK program will make a profound impact on the students' logical thinking abilities, academic competence, and self-confidence.

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MTGK Institute is open:
Monday–Friday | 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday–Sunday | 9:00am – 6:00pm

Office number: 972-403-7568