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  • Each level is standardized higher and deeper than public school courses.

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We Are MTGK.

MTGK Institute for the Talented and Gifted was founded in 1998. Educational programs are offered in Mathematics from grade one through college age, and a new English literature program is available for grades two through twelve. Our instructors have developed a unique way to enrich the learning of our students so that they may be able to better understand both mathematics and English on a higher and more intimate level.

Why Learn With Us


We strive to develop academically stimulating and engaging lessons.


Our mission is to create high standards to enable our students to achieve the best education possible.


We aspire to establish ourselves as the leading position in academic and educational services offered today.

Where To Find Us

We're a Math Institution based in the Dallas/Fort worth area in Texas! Find us at the following locations.

Join us!


"Dr. Yuan teaches math with passion and enthusiasm . . . From the way he precedes his classes, one would think math is really the highest form of games in developing logic thinking"

- Y. Punyamurthy

"I am extremely impressed with the level of expertise of Dr. Yuan, our math specialist. His techniques for the teaching of math are exceptional. I especially found the way that he touched upon numerous topics in math during one lesson period."

- Ms. B. Bonham

"Formulas are not just thrown to be memorized; they are derived and therefore understood better"

- M. and M. Gill

"The girls generally look forward to [going to the class] and have used the word ‘fun’ to describe the class"

- C. A. Kukielski

"MTGK can ask easy questions on difficult concepts and hard questions on easy algorithms."

- Dr. L. Zhang