The MTGK Institute

MTGK Institute for the Talented and Gifted was founded in 1998. Educational classes are offered in Mathematics from grades one through college. Our instructors have developed a unique way to enrich the learning of our students so that they may be able to better understand Mathematics on a higher level.

We strive to make our methods of instruction academically stimulating and engaging for all. Participation in our programs will lead to a deeper understanding in our students' knowledge of the subject being taught. MTGK will encourage our students to take education more seriously and excel in their day-to-day school work as well as in all of their future endeavors.

We put an abundance of time and thought into our lessons so that they are passionately orchestrated and demand the absolute highest efforts from our students. We believe that top notch students should produce nothing less than top notch work. Our instructors have put research, past experiences, heart, and soul into this program to make the MTGK Institute the perfect stepping stone in our students' future.

The MTGK Institute prepares students for the best colleges offered in the United States. We are proud of the long list of merits that our scholars have achieved. Our training is strictly standardized and proven highly effective. We are dedicated to producing successful results in the lives of our students through our educational services. We are proud to give young minds a sense of achievement through academic challenge, accomplishment, and a deep respect that can only be earned.

The Three Pillars of MTGK