For New Parents


What is MTGK?

MTGK is a supplementary educational institute that provides advanced classes in mathematics to capable and willing students. Our core service is the classes we run and how we teach them. We challenge students to stretch their comprehension and cognitive abilities.


What is the Math program like?

Our mathematics program was founded by Dr. Tommy Yuan (a Ph.D. graduate in mathematics), on the belief that mathematics is the language of the universe. At MTGK, we teach our students the concepts and ideas behind every mathematical equation. We ask them not only to do specific calculations, but to understand why those calculations lead them to the answer. We train our students to understand mathematics in a way that makes it applicable to the world around them.


How does the MTGK curriculum compare to what is taught in public schools?

The MTGK curriculum does overlap with the curriculum taught in school in all the major areas. Math is math; the formulas don't change. However, the way in which the formulas are studied and applied may differ greatly. MTGK teaches the content in a way that encourages the development of strong problem-solving skills.


How much work is each class?

For each class, a student will be taking home approximately 3-5 hours of homework with them to do throughout the week. We advise that the homework should be done throughout the week instead of all at once. Doing a little bit of the work every day is much better for retention than attempting to complete it all in one night.


What is the enrollment process?

There are three steps to registering your child for classes:

  • Fill out an application form.
  • Have your son or daughter to take our placement test to determine the appropriate class for them.
  • Confirm which class you would like your child to be enrolled in, and pay the tuition.

We take only cash or check. Tuition payments range between $500 and $550, depending on the class. Of course, during this entire process, our staff will be communicating with you to address any of your questions and concerns. Please give us a call, or send us an e-mail through our contact form to get the process started!


What happens if my son or daughter does not test into their appropriate level?

If your child does exceptionally well, we may allow him or her to take courses in the next level. (There are no exceptions to this rule. A student will not be permitted to jump to the next level if he or she is unable to pass the appropriate exam.) If your child performs poorly, we can provide the materials necessary for he or she to study independently in order to catch up. We also provide one-on-one tutoring services for children who need to catch up or children who are further ahead of their respective peers.

For Registered Parents



Please keep your receipt.

Please do not throw your receipt away. It contains payment and class information. Please do not contact us about which class you enrolled your child in, or what time the class is, or what seat number your child has before you read your receipt!


 What is the handbook and why should I read it?

The Student/Parent handbook is useful for any questions you may have. We encourage you to check the handbook before contacting us directly. Thank you!


 Help! I need to switch classes! How can I do this?

The guidelines for this can be found in the handbook. Let our staff know so that you can get the process started. No worries, it’s easy and quick.


What should I do if my children are struggling with their current class?

Try to keep a steady dialog with the instructor throughout the semester. Feel free to also help your children with their homework. Don’t give them the answers right away, but give them hints and tips on how to do the problems. If the class is simply too advanced, don’t be afraid to ask to move your children to the appropriate level. The classes at MTGK are already more advanced than those at public schools, and it may take hearing a lesson twice before a student can fully grasp what is being taught.


My son/daughter was sick last week! We need a make-up class!

Unfortunately, our course schedules are always so packed for the teachers that we cannot set times for make-up classes. However, the classes usually progress through the textbook in order, so if you did section 3.2 last week, your homework for the next week is 3.3. You can also try talking to the front desk to see if there is another class at the same level later in the week. They may allow you to attend that class instead, but it would not be wise to just show up without letting anyone know. If the class were full, you’d have wasted your time!


My son/daughter was sick last week! What is the homework?

See above.


When can I register for the next semester?

The answer is always one of two things: Now or soon. We will let everyone know when student enrollment for the next semester begins.