Hello MTGK Parents and Students!
We hope everyone is staying healthy and doing well. We have been diligently working on our upcoming Summer 2021 Program and we are now ready for sign-ups!
MTGK Online Summer 2021 Program
1-hr Online Classes – Twice A Week – Eight Classes Per Session
2021 June Session || May 31 to June 27
Registration Deadline || May 29, 2021 (Date Changed)
2021 July Session || July 5 to August 1
Registration Deadline || July 5, 2021
As mentioned above, we will be holding hour-long classes, twice a week, for four weeks. This means eight classes per session, and there will be two sessions (June and July) available to attend. Each session will cover a different topic, so you may register for either or both of the sessions. These classes will be held online via Zoom. Please take a look at our summer schedule attached to this email. It contains more information for the classes and tuition regarding our summer program.

Registration is available now!
To register for the summer program, follow the link in the attached schedule or you can click on the button below, which will take you to the registration form. Whichever level your student attended during the spring, they should look to sign up for the next grade for our summer classes. For example, if your child is completing 4B this spring, they would go into the Grade 5 summer classes. For any concerns over which sessions to pick, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We accept online payments through PayPal on our website!
If you do not wish to make an online payment, you may mail a payment to:
5022 Tennyson Pkwy. Plano, Texas 75024
For mailed payments, please include your email and phone number, your child’s name, and class(es) you wish to sign them up for. Checks should be made payable to “MTGK”.
We will notify you when we have received your payment and will email back a receipt.
Please call us at (214)-475-1966 if you would like to register in person! (Masks required)
We will be printing materials and making them available for pick-up at a designated time from our offices.
You can choose to pick-up the workbook from our office at no extra charge or we can mail you the workbook for $10.00.

More details on pick-up instructions will be provided after sign-up.

A summary of the summer program:
  • Two summer sessions, 8 classes each session, 10 student limit per class
  • June and July sessions will cover different topics, students may sign up for either or both
  • All classes are advanced 1-hour online sessions that will be held via Zoom
  • Online payment available through PayPal, mail-in checks also accepted
  • Call us at (214)-475-1966 to register in person (Masks required)
  • Pick-up times will be available for summer packets from our office after sign-up

Why take summer classes at MTGK?
  • Our curriculum is designed to build a smooth introduction and foundation for the upcoming school year.
  • We adjust our materials every year to keep our curriculum updated and applicable.
  • We introduce interesting problems that have not been covered in our Fall and Spring programs.
  • Math is a skill that takes consistent practice to keep sharp and knowledge intact!
Please contact us if you have any questions or visit our website!
If you have any friends and family interested in our program, please direct them to our website as well.