MTGK McKinney

About This Center

The MTGK McKinney math tutor service location is managed and operated by a team of three dedicated and passionate individuals–Kamalesh, Bharathi, and Venu–and their families. Founded in 2014, they are in their fourth year of running this center.

The Institute focuses on the same foundations and philosophy of MTGK as with all other centers – teaching the foundations and concepts of math to students to build a lifelong passion for learning.

The MTGK classroom features passionately trained teachers, and a positive and stress-free environment. We have a small student to teacher ratio and our teachers guide and engage their students through a well-planned and curriculum-backed lesson plan. To know more about our curriculum you can go here, and you can also check out the center specific seasonal schedule below. We are currently registering for Fall 2018. For any other questions you can call us or fill out contact form.

Class Schedule

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Fall 2020