Problems of the Week

The Problems of the Week are a series of math questions posed to challenge the problem solving skills of students. These problems will usually be designed with a certain theme in mind, and involve creative and fun mathematics for students to try and solve. Students will be able to submit their answers to accumulate points towards a reward at the end of the semester.


Each week, there will be five problems set up around a central theme. The problems will be posted to the MTGK blog Thursday mornings, and students will have through Sunday of the following week to submit their answers. The 2017 fall semester will hold 10 weeks of problems.

Solutions to the previous week's problems will be posted on the blog on Monday following the submissions day. Points will be updated that day, and students who submitted solutions will receive notification on whether they answered correctly.


The first two problems for each set are worth 1 point; the next two are worth 2 points each; the last problem is worth 3 points. That means each week, a student can score up to 9 points. Points will be tallied up throughout the week, and the point leader will be updated to reflect the submissions.

Submit your answers online here. Students who answer correctly will receive points that go towards a leaderboard. At the end of the semester, leaderboard leaders will be acknowledged and may even earn rewards for their excellence.



Problems and Leaderboard

Current PotW Set

PotW Leaderboard