How to Register

Requirement for new students:

  1. You must have an average of 85 or above on current school report card;
  2. You must take our admission test and score at least 75%;
  3. You must sign the agreement with MTGK on legal / medical, certification regulation, classroom/homework rules;
  4. You must submit an application form with a copy of your report card, and remit the tuition;

Registration Procedures:

  1. Find a location and give us a call!
  2. Submit an application form with application fee. (non-refundable, cash only)
  3. Schedule admission test date and time. (by phone or at the front desk)
  4. Student will be assigned in a class according to his/her test result. (Seat is not saved until the tuition is remitted.)
  5. Student will receive the class schedule and seat number when tuition and material fee are remitted.