Hello current and prospective MTGK families,

Our Summer 2019 Schedule is now available!


Summer Registration begins on Monday, April 1st, 2019.

June 3rd – 23rd session deadline: May 26, 2019
July 8th – 28th session deadline: June 23, 2019
Early Registration discount available until April 28, 2019


The 1st summer session will be from June 3 to June 23, 2019 and
the 2nd summer session will be from July 8 to July 28, 2019.


Our enriching summer program is an introduction to our Fall and Spring courses
that will prepare students for the next grade level!

There will be two summer sessions this year with each session covering different topics.

Each session will run for three weeks and will meet twice a week.


More information such as registration times and the class schedule is available in the links below.

Links to each center’s website and class info: Plano / Irving

Looking for a different center? Please visit these links to find more information there!  McKinney / Murphy


We look forward to seeing you in the summer!

– MTGK Staff


“What is MTGK’s Summer Math Program like?”

During the summer, we offer classes that are solid introductions to their upcoming math topics such as Basic Fraction Concepts at the 3rd Grade Level and Intro to Geometry at the 9th Grade Level. We also go over untouched Fall and Spring semester course materials that students may have missed. Math problems over the summer are more word problem focused to incite thinking and understanding concepts.

“Why take summer classes at MTGK?”

In order to hone any skill, practice is required. Learning and practicing math skills over the summer is a great way to not only get students prepared for the upcoming school semester but is also a great way to keep their skills intact. Encourage your students to practice, upkeep, and sharpen their skills with our summer program.

“I would like to take the Credit By Exam (CBE) test to skip a grade level.”

We do offer CBE testing for students but we highly recommend taking classes over the summer if doing so because we have noticed in some students that some concepts were skipped. For example, if a 3rd grade student wanted to CBE test over into the 5th grade level, the student would take a 4th grade CBE test. This test is extensive but would not include every possible question that would be asked during the 4th grade. In this case, we would recommend the 3rd grade student to take 4th grade classes over the summer and then take the CBE test accordingly. We believe that understanding the concepts and learning the material is important rather than skipping ahead without preparation.