Dear MTGK Parents and Students!

We hope everyone is doing well and we would like to thank you for your support of our program.
We have been working diligently on our Fall 2022 Program and we recognize that our students have been diligently working with us as well! Thank you all for your hard work.


Here are the main points of our fall program:
MTGK Fall 2022 Program
Online & In Person Classes – Once A Week – 16 Classes Total
2022 Fall Session || August 22 to December 18, 2022
Registration Deadline || August 18, 2022
Program Information:
  • Please note Plano and Irving class differences
  • Irving timings are in person only. If you prefer online classes, attend our Plano timings
  • Limited seating for in person attendance

Class Structure:
This fall, we will have both online and in person class options that will occur once a week.
We ask our students to be diligent with us and our material. We will continue to have homework due on a weekly basis and assessment tests distributed after every chapter. Students must use their own discipline to follow through and learn the concepts.


Google Classroom Implementation:
We will be using Google Classroom to teach online!
We are making these changes because:
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Provides more classroom specific tools such as homework submission and assignments
  • Creates a digital homebase for each class
  • More geared towards education so we feel that it’s a better fit for our program
Please visit to familiarize with Google Classroom if you are not familiar already!
Here is Google Classroom’s helpful and informative user guide for more detailed instructions:
Please join us in class online through Google Classroom and check for new assignments and grades.
We will also post class announcements on the class page.

Fall 2022 Registration:

In Person Cash/Check Registration:
Plano Walk-In Registration:
Saturday August 13th from 10:00am – 11:00am
or call us at (214)-475-1966 to schedule an appointment


Irving Walk-In Registration:
Saturday August 13th from 1:30pm – 2:30pm
or call us at  (214)-475-1966 to schedule an appointment


Online PayPal Registration: 


To register for the fall program online, follow the link above, which will take you to the registration form. For any concerns over which sessions to pick, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We accept online payments through PayPal on our website!

Please note: Tuition rates online are higher to reflect the transaction fees for digital pay. Please pay in cash or check if you would like to avoid the digital transaction fee.

If you do not prefer payment through PayPal, you can pay in person via cash or check or mail a payment to:

MTGK Institute, 5022 Tennyson Pkwy. Plano, TX 75024

For mailed payments, please include your email and phone number, your child’s name, and class(es) you wish to sign them up for. Checks should be made payable to “MTGK”.

Regarding Fall Class Materials:

You can choose to pick-up the workbook from our office at no extra charge or we can mail you the workbook for $10.00. Fall workbooks will be available for pick-up at a designated time from our offices. More details on pick-up instructions will be provided after sign-up.Please contact us if you have any questions!


Thank you,
p: (214)-475-1966
a: 5022 Tennyson Pkwy., Plano, TX 75024
e: [email protected]