Grade Level 1

Arithmetic Basic & Number Concepts

Part I

tudents start with hand-on counting to experience on the numbers and its objects. They are going count the numbers up to one hundred. Learning the meaning of place value. Addition concept will be introduced. They are going to experience on group counting with the objects as well.


Part II

Continue on number sense and place values. They are going to add bigger number with diagrams. Subtraction concept will be introduced. The relation of addition and subtraction will be covered too. They are going to compare numbers and counting forward and backward up to one hundred also.


Prime Content

  • Counting forward and backward in 100
  • Counting in groups of 10
  • Place Values
  • Number comparisonsn
  • Conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction
  • Counting in groups with pictures
  • Patterns in shapes
  • Introduction of group counting with remainders

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