Grade Level 7

Pre-Algebra & Problem Solving

Part I

Students will start with their understanding of the concept of probability. As we discuss some key observations and calculations, the comprehension of the ideas of permutation and combination is essential. Then a chapter of problem solving supplies a set of interesting applications of basic arithmetic and algebraic knowledge previously learned. Students will confront word problems and practice their thinking skills. Finally, we introduce the concept of similar shapes. Students will learn the meaning of geometric ratios and proportions in scenarios of similarity.


Part II

Learning of exponentiation will continue with concepts and computations. The basic laws of exponentiation play the key role in the algebraic manipulation. Students will then explore the famous Pythagorean Theorem in Chapter 5. It is one of the most important aspects that students practice applications of Pythagorean Theorem. At the end, we talk about computational techniques involving integers and prime numbers.


Prime Content

  • Probability concepts and its applications
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Similarity and geometric ratios
  • Intensive study of arithmetic sequences and their applications
  • Integral equation and applications
  • Exponentiation and its applications
  • Intensive study on square root
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Computational techniques