Grade Level 4

Arithmetic III & Geometric Patterns

Part I

Previous arithmetic processes will be expanded and applied to geometric problems to find areas and perimeters. Division and multiplication will be the focus of discussion. Multiple of multiplication and long division algorithm will be taught in a conceptual way. Distributive properties and order of operations will be introduced initially.


Part II

This volume consists of three topics. We will continue on the learning of operation properties. Basic algebraic expression will be discussed in arithmetic problems. Order of operations will be studied in some classic word problems. Students will then delve into the realm of fractions and negative numbers as arithmetic processes are applied.


Prime Content

  • Basic skills of counting a list of numbers
  • Basic concept of perimeter and Area
  • Introduction of geometric shapes, measurement, and patterns
  • Introduction of binary numbers and Roman numerals
  • Understanding algorithm of multiplication and division
  • Introduction of distributive property and FOIL
  • Understanding of equivalent fractions
  • Introduction of negative numbers
  • Understanding number line and number set