Grade Level 8

Algebra & Geometric Concepts

Part I

Students will review basic arithmetic principles and geometric formulae. The study will continue with the linear concepts first, and quadratic concepts such as FOIL and square roots. Expressions in Algebra are to be understood well. Basics in linear graphing will be involved and students will learn more about problem solving techniques.


Part II

Understanding of linear and quadratic equations will be furthered with inverses and compositions. Matrices and other linear systems will be explored, and factorization will be applied to algebraic equations.


Prime Content

  • Mathematical concepts and problem solving
  • Liner expressions and liner functions
  • Coordinate plane and slope
  • Equivalent expressions
  • Square expressions and their square root
  • Quadratic equations
  • Composition and inverse
  • Linear system and matrices
  • Factorization as the opposite of FOIL