Grade Level 3

Arithmetic II & Geometric Shapes

Part I

This curriculum will help students forge their primitive arithmetic skills. The intensive of addition and subtraction concept will revisit as the foundation of mathematics. They are going to experience on add and subtract the numbers of multiple digits. The study of number patterns and measurements will improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Part II

The concept of multiplication, which is as repeated addition, and division, which is as repeated, subtraction will be further studied. Basic fraction and negative number concept will be introduced. Problem solving skills and its applications will help students understand the concept thoroughly. The confidence of mathematical thinking will get build up.


Prime Content

  • Extensive concept of addition and subtraction
  • Concept of comparison of numbers
  • Introduction of geometric shapes, measurement, and patterns
  • Number comparisonsn
  • Multiplication of two digit numbers
  • Introduction of order of operations
  • Introduction of division with remainder
  • Introduction of improper fraction and mixed number
  • Basic concept of fractions and its comparisons