Grade Level 9

Geometry & Mathematical Proofs

Part I

How many types of triangles can you name? In this class, students will learn all the basic properties of all kinds of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other multifaceted shapes as well as analyzing the congruence and similarity of shapes. Different arrangements of lines will also be studied (e.g. parallel lines, perpendicular lines, etc.).


Part II

Learning of geometry will continue with more concepts and classic examples. They’ll continue learning right triangles, similar triangles, chords and arcs, and inscribed angles and arcs. Examples of proofs will also be covered.


Prime Content

  • Measuring triangles and observing circles
  • Compass and straight edge
  • Construct a geometric situation
  • Postulates of lines, planes and angles
  • Congruent triangles, similar triangles and right triangles
  • Examples of proofs and some classic example problems
  • Proportional calculations
  • Chords, arcs and tangents to circles
  • Inscribed angles and arcs