Grade Level 5

Arithmetic IV & Geometric Characteristics

Part I

The concept of distributive property, as multiplication over addition and subtraction, will be taught in algebraic expressions. The concept of decimals is introduced as division with remainders. And then the computation of decimals will be developed in an understandable way. The concepts related with fractions are all covered. Problem application understanding will be furthered.


Part II

Students will commence with learning about geometric characteristics such as angles, perimeter, area, and volume. The order of operation and computation with integers will be studied thoroughly. The study of number pattern and its application will improve student critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Prime Content

  • Distributive property
  • Areas and perimeter of geometric shapes and polygons
  • Algorithm and computational techniques
  • Computation with decimals, and fractions
  • Angles and their measures
  • Volumes of cylinders and prisms
  • Computation skills of integers
  • Geometric and arithmetic patterns and its generalizing
  • Problems solving skills in patterns