Grade Level 6

Arithmetic V & Geometric Relations

Part I

Pre-algebra and solving equations will be introduced initially. The concept of decimal numbers and fractions will be review in a comprehension way. Solving equation skills with decimal and fraction continually be discussed. The relation of fractions and decimals will be viewed from a new angle. The study of polygons and circles will give students a fresh feel on measurement of angles and areas.


Part II

Students will further their understanding of arithmetic with integers, fractions and decimals. Understanding of percentages will be established as algebraic concepts such as p percent of what is q. Exponentiation, linear equation, some functions and formula are introduced from different angles. Students will get prepared for the further study of algebra.


Prime Content

  • Properties of operations and skills of solving equations
  • Factors and multiples
  • Computation of decimals and mixed numbers
  • Relation between perimeter and area of polygons
  • Circle and its characteristics
  • Computation skills with integers
  • Algebraic expressions and properties
  • Percentages and their applications
  • Concept of exponentiation and its properties